David Lawson

David Lawson is a storytelling comedian and one-man show guy who lives and works in New York City. His one-man-show about porn, VCR Love, has been published by Original Works Publishing. Insomnia in Space, his one-man show about dealing with chronic insomnia by becoming obsessed with space, has been performed at The People’s Improv Theater, Dixon Place and the SoLow Fest in Philly.

Lawson is the host of The Astoria Bookshop Storytelling Show (second Tuesday of every month). Lawson has recently performed on the RISK! liveshow, This Week in Jackin’, WNYC, Modern Stories Mix, The Chris Gethard Show (at 7:20 in this video), Tell the Bartender, The Sharon Spell Show, Bring Your Own Lunch, VHS Presents, Talk Therapy at QED, Last Call at Ensemble Studio Theatre, VideoTALE, Big City Stories, Movie Night With Mike at The Creek and the Cave, The Bitch Seat, Mortified at Littlefield, and What Are You Afraid Of? at Union Hall.