Lauren Maul

Lauren Maul was raised in Nebraska, studied theater at the University of San Diego, trained as an improviser in Chicago, and currently performs in New York. A “bit-maker” by trade, Lauren creates music, plays, puppets, stand-up routines, and other things that usually involve glitter.

In Chicago she performed at Zanies, The Lincoln Lodge, Lakeshore Theater, Victory Gardens, Second City and worked with several ensembles, including Red Moon Theater, Laughing Liberally, and “The Best Church of God” (a satirical church) which won the Chicago Reader’s “Best Sketch Show”.

Other credits include “The Refugee Girls Revue” (performer/musical director), “Stand-Up: The MUSICAL!” (creator/composer), and “Bitch Trial” (creator/performer). Lauren has also appeared in several festivals, including Williamstown, Just for Laughs, Chicago Sketchfest, the Women in Comedy Festival, SOLOCOM, NY Fringe, Brooklyn Comedy Festival, and San Francisco Sketchfest- where her show “Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes” played to a sold-out audience.

Her writing has appeared in places like BUST magazine, Splitsider, and Reductress. These days you can catch her producing/hosting “Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes” and “Bitchcraft” about town. Her character Marilyn Summers is also known to frequent the popular gameshow “The Cabaret Showdown” and she sometimes looks business casual to act in some videos for Vooza. Lauren also shares theater magic with her community by being a teaching artist with New York Cares.