Lyssa Mandel

Lyssa is pretty into education. She has a BA in Theatre from Northwestern University, two years of acting training at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, all five levels at the People’s Improv Theatre, and a certificate in Publishing from Columbia University.

She’s a self-taught jewelry designer (find her line, NoSoapRadio, on Etsy), a [still learning] teacher of the Williamson Movement Technique, and a voracious observer of city folk every day. She loves tomatoes, bright colors, mid-century modern design, and desert flora.

An upbringing in the colonial shoreline town of Guilford, CT, propelled her to New York City immediately after college (read: the day after graduation) where she pretended to be lots of things before admitting to herself and her family that she’d been fatally bitten by the acting bug and nothing else would do.

Every English teacher, coworker, classmate, psychic, and busboy she’s ever known tells her she ought to be a writer, so she’s working on that. She recently wrote, produced, and took the stage in her first solo piece, “A View From the Bitch Seat,” a compilation of journal entries, lists, and other obsessions from her adolescence. Raucous laughter; hugely fulfilling, HIGHLY recommend trying this yourself!

People seem to think she’s funny when she’s on an angry rant, so look for her with a stand-up mic in the near future.