Rich Templeton

Rich Templeton improvised by himself in front of genetically modified yeast for several years while he worked deep into the night as a biochemistry researcher. Realizing that it would be far more healthy (emotionally and physically) to improvise with human beings, Rich started taking classes at the PIT in 2011. Since then, Rich left the world of fungus (though he still loves chatting science), and now performs on Sundays at the PIT with 10,000 Hours House Team Milhouse. He also hits the two-prov circuit with Nannette Deasy (Templeton & Deasy). In sketch comedy, Rich is an actor in the shows “Fetish: Dirty Talk is for Amateurs” and “Pink Slip This, Bitch!” You can probably find Rich at most improv jams wearing corduroys and a big smile, extremely grateful that he’s found such a talented and warm community at the PIT.